The year is 2389 and the Federation is continuing to strengthen, to some degree, as the years pass by.

The Romulan Empire, while dishevelled after the destruction of Romulus in 2387, is still intact under a re-building leadership and is continuing to work towards peace - even if in loose terms. Although, with that being said, there are still many who strive to prevent any peace from being set in stone.

The Klingons too are becoming restless at the thought of the Romulans forging any ties with the Federation; and have cut many of their own ties - actions that are concerning to all in these troublesome times.

Starfleet hopes that with the forming of the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet they can better prepare for any eventuality. But the internal political shakeups within the Federation at the Quadrant's unrest, as well as inter-empire spats with the Klingons, Romulan Insurgents, Cardassians and the like, are stretching the SSRF further than they have found themselves to be before.

Not only have the SSRF the safety, security and welfare of the Federation's citizens to maintain there have been several advances in their use of the Iconian Gateway Technology. Over the last few years the Gateway Control Beacon has been developed further than they had hoped possible in such a short space of time.

Located in the Salon system, the SSRF Gateway has been integrated with Borg and Federation technology, as well as Starfleet's somewhat limited knowledge of Iconian technology itself, in order to direct a passage in space for further exploration. The advancements recently made have allowed for a direct link to other existing gateways throughout the galaxy, with mobile units for both starships and personnel to control the other end back to their start-point.

Whilst this ability is of course still not yet 100% fully functional, the exploratory instincts of our officers have them reaching out further than anyone before them.

The Federation stands at an impasse... To defend and protect, or explore... Do you think you have what it takes to protect her freedom as well as battle the unknown..? Join one of our fine ships and find out!