Welcome to the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet's Training and Personnel Developments Department


This department is focused on the growth, training and development of the staff across the Fleet right from Commanding Training, through to Director-specific training.

With each role comes different responsibilities and this strategy of training the individuals in these roles has been put together in order to efficiently help all those who are in need. Put together by a certificated Training Assessor outside of the Fleet this department works with it's Trainees in a way they are comfortable with and able to progress naturally, whilst also being moulded into the position for the role the Fleet expects.

Director-Role Training - is delivered by the Training and Personnel Developments Director upon successful appointment by the Senior Fleet Command Team. This includes Induction to the role and further training specific to the requirements of the individuals duties.

Command-Role Training - is delivered by one of our experienced Command Training Managers after successful appointment to command a SIMM. This course inducts and trains you in becoming one of the best Command Officers that you can be within the Fleet. Note - if you are an Executive Officer wishing to undertake the course into Commanding Officer you must be ranked a minimum of Lieutenant. There is also a basic course in Command for Executive Officers who wish to help their Commanding Officers better, which doesnt include the full modules a Commanding Officer would undertake.

Roleplay Training - is delivered by one of our Roleplay Training Managers and includes training and guidance on Mission posts, and Biography creation depending on the needs of the individual. Trainees can be recommended for this training by their Commanding Officers.

All our courses are assessed by trained and experienced Assessors and then verified by a senior member of the department.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Department's Director who's details can be found on the Staff page.