The Department

Welcome the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet's Training Research and Development Department.


This department is focused on the growth, and revision of the Fleet's technicalities. It's main focus is that of specifications such as ship or starbase class, but also delves into the remit of technology use too.


It's Director heads up the operations of finalising research, submitting the work to the Senior Fleet Command Team before it is published to the Fleet. This officer generally checks all specifications are as close to 'cannon' as possible, whilst also allowing for an element of 'SSRF-flair' to be thrown in. Whilst they check the work of their staff, they also continue to research the technology and specifications themselves as well.


The Support Staff of this department are assigned to specifics. This could be that of Starship design, or Shuttlecraft, right through to Departmental when the need arises. This includes designing specifications that may only be limited, researching new ones, or reviewing and changing old ones as required. Once they are happy with their work, this is then passed on for final review. They also check through the Fleet to be sure that their specifications that have been published are being used correctly by the member populous.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Department's Director who's details can be found on the Staff page.