The Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet has a number of departments that deal with different aspects of the organisation. Each department, in it's own right, helps to run and further develop the Fleet and our members.


Training and Personnel Developments - The aim of this department is to provide further development to current members, or to help new members to begin expanding their knowledge. Training provided here ranges through helping people to kick start their writing experiences through learning how to roleplay as well as create meaningful biographies for their characters. Further training includes that of the Command School where members can take a course designed to help them runa  SIM within the Fleet, and certainly be able to take this knowledge through the whole Trek-genre games elsewhere. There is also information provided regarding the Awards the Fleet has to offer, and the ranks we use and comparing them between Naval and Marine use.


Advertising and Recruitment - Aimed at getting our aim out their and getting more players. More players means more fun the role playing experience can be.

Research and Development - Aimed at bringing technical specifics to our role play. This includes aspects like starship and shuttle design. We try to keep this within cannon, and it is up to those in this department to find the most legit sources possible in this aspect.