Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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Fleet Opening Mission: To Our Future

- If you are a CO, its up to you where you will bring your crew in. Will you warp in to dock with the Starbase? Or will you already be here after a little R&R? Remember, we arent in orbit of Earth

- Thrinacia is just outside the Merenion Nebulae Cluster, orbiting Salon IV

- My first post details how long the UFPDF has been in effect, as to when your simm would have been assigned In-Character

- Please use time/location stamps as exampled in my first post below in bold at the start. And remember, we are in 2386. If anyone is unsure of something, drop me a pm

- Have fun

- Have fun

- Please read all posts so you dont miss anything!

- The Iconian Gateway is currently hidden - it is classified until the ceremony. Act like you know nothing! All will be revealed

- Have fun

- Always check this post for any updates
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
STARBASE THRINACIA, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
Commanding Officer's Office
0705 hours

The place was a mess, again. Report PADDs, Equipment Requests, Duty Rosters, Fleet Assignments; all scattered about everywhere. And not just on the desk, but across the floor, piling up here and there across the couches, the arms of the couches, the backs... it was a nightmare.

Yet, amongst this nightmare as it may have looked, there was nothing but the peaceful, serene sound of gentle intake of breathe, followed closely but the soft humm as it was released. For there, slumped across the desk with a PADD in each hand, his mouth open slightly and drool dripping from the corner of his mouth onto a datachip, was the Fleet Commanding Officer; Admiral Steve Malloway. Picture perfect. But, luckily for him, there was no one present to be able to take said picture.

The office was the usual size of any Stardock facility, well, possibly a little bigger for this one as it did have a special assignment brewing and was designed specifically for such a purpose. But either way the arrangement of the furniture was almost the same. A large desk in the opposite corner to the door, a small fishtank on a stand just off from the desk against the wall, a large window set in the wall to the right of the desk to look down on the Planet below, two couches in an L-shape position to one side next to a door to a small off-cabin, and then in the other corner to these was another smaller couch with a glass table. In comparison to a starship ready room, there was an additional replicator; one was set in the wall behind the larger desk, and the other in the wall by the table and smaller couch.

*The time is 0705 hours* The computer chirped up, somehow sounding quite off in the tone used.

"Huh? What?" Steve jumped up at the alarm, wiping the drool from his chin with the back of his hand as he looked this way and that bleary-eyed. "Urgh." He groaned slightly, placing the PADDs on his desk before firmly rubbing his hands down his face, as if to squeeze the fatigue out. He stood, straightening out his uniform as he made his way around his desk, lightly walking over to the off-cabin and letting the door slide open fully before walking in. "Computer, coffee, black." Steve called out, leaning over the basin before him as he had the water shoot from the tap into his hands, throwing it over his features. He heard the light 'tinkling' of the replicator as he picked up the towel from the side, patting his face dry while turning to look back into his office at the mess. Just what he needed. He padded out of the off-cabin as he slung the towel over his shoulder, finally being able to reach out and clasp the steaming mug of coffee.

"Computer, status of 'Project Epsilon Ico'?" The Fleet CO called out, sitting onto the couch and picking up a PADD, peering over the top of the mug at it as he drank slowly, feeling the hot liquid coat the back of his throat in the familiar fashion. Normally he hated black coffee and would rather milk and sugar... but today he needed all the caffeine he could get. Raw.

*Emission read-out is nominal. Base functions reading steady. Defence systems at 65%-*

Steve cut in before the report could be complete. "65%, Explain?" He sat forward on the couch.

*Tachyon emissions affected initial testings of power-up, causing a feedback to defence systems.*

He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "If these technicians dont get it sorted soon, we'll have no planet system left, let alone a defence system." If it wasnt one thing, it was another. He'd been assigned as Fleet Commanding Officer to the United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet 5 months ago now, and already they had problems to resolve. Granted the problems were a priority due to the nature of the Fleet, but that was neither here nor there. 'Epsilon Ico' was a shaky shindig that shouldnt be rushed. "But no... what was it he said? 'Due to our recent losses blahblahblah we need something to make people realise the Federation is as strong as she always used to be'. Damn Ambassadors and their need for speed." Steve muttered, bringing up the roster of ships assigned to the UFPDF.

"Some good Commanders in there." He breathed, setting his half-finished mug of coffee down on the table with a slight clink. "Will be good to meet them all tomorrow." He finished, changing PADDs to read the memo sent out to all UFPDF COs:

Quote:TO: United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet Commanding Officer
FROM: Malloway, S. Admiral, Fleet Commander
RE: Cermony and Debrief

LOCATION AND TIME OF DEBRIEF: Starbase 402 'Thrinacia', Conference Room Alpha, 1300 hours, Stardate 65784
LOCATION AND TIME OF CEREMONY: As above, @ 1900 hours, Main Gallery

DEBRIEF ATTENDEES: Commanding Officers, Executive Officers
CEREMONY ATTENDEES: All Officers and Crew

ATTIRE: Duty Uniform for Debrief, Dress Uniform for Ceremony

Steve sighed again, looking up slightly as he placed the PADD down. Not only were the COs to attend, but his Fleet Exec, and Chief of Fleet Ops were asked to as well. As much as Steve hated the formalities of command, the idea of a party, ceremony apparently, was too good to miss. He grinned, standing and moving to place the towel back in the off-cabin, checking he was presentable as he tapped his commbadge.

=/\="Commander Blake, if you're not busy, we need a chin-wag. Report to my Ready Room. Malloway out."=/\=

TAG: Connor, and... EVERYONE!!! Big Grin
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
|||||Salon Starsystem - Federation Space
|||Merenion Nebulae Cluster
||||Enroute to Starbase Thrinica
[0706 HOURS]

2 knocks at the door, echoed in a dark room. A fast moving shadow can be seen, following a 3rd knock.

"Argh!..." A voice said, in the dark room. The faint outlying shadow can be seen, arching in pain.

"Sir?" Another voice asked from outside the room.

The shadowly pain inflicted outline reached over and switched a small mechinism. The small lamp on the stand lit up, showing the face of a man in his late 30s. Despite his age, he didn't seem fit to have the honor of being called, Old. He looked off in at the source of the voice, that was outside the range of light.

"What is it this, Luke?" The man asked, mixed in anger and irritation, holding his throbbing head in effect. He knew who it was, since he banged on the door instead of using the mello chimes for the door.

"Captain wants to see you on the bridge, Mr.Martize." Luke replied on the otherside of the door. The man sighed as he leaned backwards and disappeared into the dark room. The sound of his pillows and comfortors shuttled as he stood up out of his bed. Small plat sounds trace his movement in the darkness, ending up towards the door. After that, a clicking sound was made and the room became luminated.

There stood the man, in a white tanktop and black shorts, opening the door, which opened with a swift whoosh. Luke stood outside, his foot slightly to his left. A preperation for a quick retreat.
"Were nearing our destination. Captain Religh wants to talk to you ASAP." The young security officer said, with an innocent smile.
"...tell him I'll be there in a second..." The man said after a relunant pause and closed the door. He turned around, walking scruffly, back to the bunk-bed, leaning down to pick up some clouthes at the side.


"Ow!" He shouted, knocking his head against the bar of the top again.
"For a starcruiser...this ship has the worse quarter space ever.." He growled, moving away from the top bed, picking up a fresh set of clouthes, layed right beside his bed, he started to change.

|||USS Fairot - Bridge..... [0709 Hours]

The man stepped on the bridge of the starship. The strip on his right chest bearing his last name, 'Martize.' He looked over after hearing his first name called.

"Captain." He said coming over and shaking the old man's hand.
"You wanted to talk to me sir?" He asked, wondering what the call was about. The older man nodded and turned, handing a PADD to him.
"Your first executive order." He said, with a old smiles. A 'not you too' look came on Malone's face as his eyes, switched from the Captains to the padd in his hands.

Quote:TO: United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet Commanding Officer
FROM: Malloway, S. Admiral, Fleet Commander
RE: Cermony and Debrief
LOCATION AND TIME OF DEBRIEF: Starbase 402 'Thrinacia', Conference Room Alpha, 1300 hours, Stardate 65784
LOCATION AND TIME OF CEREMONY: As above, @ 1900 hours, Main Gallery
DEBRIEF ATTENDEES: Commanding Officers, Executive Officers
CEREMONY ATTENDEES: All Officers and Crew
ATTIRE: Duty Uniform for Debrief, Dress Uniform for Ceremon

"Oh great. A dinner party." Malone said.
"A party? Seriously?" The Tactical officer said, coming over to looks.
"Its a formal Ceremony, not a night club." Malone said to the Tact Officer. Tho, the thought of one wasn't too bad.

The cruiser came out of warp, and drew towards the famed, Starbase Thrinica, the home of the UFPDF.

[Tag - Open =D]
Starbase Thrinicia
0725 Hours

  Ethan strolled along the promenade at a much slower pace than he usually walked, his hands clasped behind his back. The din of the people working, shopping, and conversing hadn’t entered his mind, which was somewhere rather distant from the here and now of this place. He even seemed completely oblivious to the flashing lights that marked the doorways to the various shops along the corridor. Deep in thought was nothing compared to where Ethan was in his state of mind right now.

Just a few months ago, he was a lieutenant commander, at the helm of a ship. It was a good ship, the Braveheart. He thought many of the crew had shown a collaborative brave heart. They had started out a bit callous, but that seemed to change as the mission wore on. Once they became comfortable with each other, at least in Ethan’s mind, they came together and worked like a crew should, with and for each other.

Raising his hand to his collar, his fingers clasped the third pip on his collar. Now, though he couldn’t see it, he knew the black filled pip was now solid gold. He had been promoted to full Commander at the end of the mission by his Captain, Don McGriff, though he hadn’t really any idea why. He’d done his job no differently than he ever did. He wasn’t sure he deserved the promotion, though he wasn’t going to fight it either.

When Ethan’s mind came back to the forefront, he realized he had almost completely walked a circuit of the promenade. Scratching his head, wondering how he had started out farther down, and ended up prior to the point where he started, he simply let out a brief chuckle for getting so caught up in his thoughts. Regaining his bearings, he scanned the storefronts for the local watering hole and walked toward the entrance.

Upon entering, he looked around at the people sitting at the bar, some were standing in a group, and yet others were milling about glasses and mugs in tow. Ethan walked toward the back, noticed an empty seat towards the back and made a beeline for it before anyone had a chance to occupy said seat. That was the fastest he had moved during his walk. His butt barely in the seat, the waitress was already at his side, apparently seeing him come in and making sure she got his business much like he made sure to get the seat he was now in.

“Get you something?” was the only words that came. No pleasantries, no small talk, straight to business.

“Black coffee, please.” Ethan replied, following her lead for lack of conversation. When she walked away, his thoughts immediately returned to the Braveheart, the crew, and what was next to come, not to mention the solid pip on his collar. He still hadn’t quite gotten used to having it, but knew it wouldn’t be long before he would be used to it.

“Here you go,” the waitress said, startling Ethan a bit, as she set down a steaming hot mug of black coffee. Inhaling, Ethan could smell a real cup of joe, rather than the replicated stuff he had been drinking on the ship this past while.

“Thanks,” he replied, wrapping both hands around the warm mug. He picked up the mug, and sipped at the hot contents, feeling his throat burn a bit from the temperature. Exhaling a bit too loud, Ethan looked around making sure it wasn’t loud enough to reach the others seated near him. Here he would sit, drink his coffee, and decide what to do after he was finished. He had nothing to do anyway, and people watching seemed to be a good time killer at the moment.

Tag: open
Somewhere in another galaxy
0400 hours

“Sir, we’ve just detected a gate activation from outside of the network,” the young ensign at the Gateway Network Monitoring Station reported.

“Can you get a localization on it?” his superior asked.

“Narrowing it down now….it seems to be coming from the Milky Way Galaxy, Alpha Quadrant, Federation space, Merenion Nebulae Cluster, Salon System.”

“Federation space?  Kuchaba Ornixen was from that area, a little planet called ‘Earth’, if memory serves.  What information do we have on the Federation?”

“Nothing interesting.  They are a non-magical, generally non-psionic conglomeration of various races.  Tech reports indicate that Gateway technology should be over a century away, however, the Iconian race was also known to habitat that part of the universe and they did have gateway technology.”

“Interesting,” the supervisor said.  Turning and heading to a nearby comm-station, he opened a channel, “Kuchaba Ornixen, this is Gateway Networking Monitoring.”

“Ornixen here,” came the drowsy reply.

“We’ve detected an unusual signal from the Milky Way Galaxy…a gateway has been activated, at least partially, by the United Federation of Planets.”

“How long ago?” came the sudden, much more alert, response.

“Just a few minutes, sir.  We’ve already isolated the location.  We believe the Federation has somehow activated an Iconian Gateway.”

“Transmit the co-ordinates to the Firestorm.  I’m going to go investigate personally.”

Firestorm, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
0710 hours

“Sir, we have arrived,” the Firestorm’s computer reported.

“Status of the stealth systems?” Ornixen requested as he continued to review all of the intel they had on the station.

“Fully operational.  We are undetectable by the station sensors.  Communication tapping is indicating that they are attempting to get some sort of control device to work with an Iconian Gateway and they are planning some sort of ceremony.”

“Alright.  Start scanning the station and locate the commanding officer’s office.  Once he is alone there, notify me.”

<TAG Admiral Malloway>

STARBASE THRINACIA, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
Command Deck, Operations
0705 hours

Still somewhat regretting volunteering for the morning shift Connor sipped his cold Orange juice and shivered as it ran down his throat. He found him not being able to focus on much as the shift yielded little action for the on duty Operations crew.

Connor had authorised a few departmentalised training drills and although they had no effect on him or those in Operations he was glad that something was going on. The usual day-to-day had become boring but it was only the early morning so Connor hoped for something to come at them.

A moment later Admiral Malloway’s voice came through his combadge speaker; =/\="Commander Blake, if you're not busy, we need a chin-wag. Report to my Ready Room. Malloway out."=/\=

~ A chin wag? ~ Connor asked himself wondering what the hell the Admiral was talking about then realised as he was ordered to the Admiral’s ready room. ~ Oh that. ~ =^= On my way sir, =^= Connor replied then laughed at how stupid he was for not understanding the Admiral’s sense of humour.

Connor made another quick circuit of the Operations center checking everything and provided officers with additional guidance when they asked him. The first officer came to the Admiral’s ready room and tapped the chime.

“Come Commander,” Connor heard and entered to find the Admiral standing and making final touches to his appearance.

“You wanted to see me sir?” Connor asked giving a quick salute when the Admiral looked at him and then took on an at-ease stance.

tag Malloway
STARBASE THRINACIA, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
Commanding Officer's Office
0708 hours

The doors slid shut behind the Commander as he came to stand at-ease. "Come on Connor, have a seat." Steve said, gesturing with his arm in a waving fashion towards his desk. "We've worked together long enough not to stand on too high-a ceremony, pull up a pew."

As Steve walked around his desk to sit in his own chair, he flicked through a few PADDs on the surface, pulling out the one he was after and handed it to Connor, nodding slightly with his head at the contents. "Final prep plans for the ceremony this evening - only a few little touches I've added during the last 24 hours," He paused, rubbing his hand down his face again as before, "the galley needs to slightly adjust the courses we're having etcetc, all self-explanatory..."

It had been a long time coming, but the Main Gallery was beginning to look just as it should for the ceremony that evening... well, 3 weeks long to be precise, and all whose efforts had gone into prepping the Starbase for this day had made themselves inexpendable. It was things like these that Steve realise what an honor it was to serve with so many talented people... that and parties were one of Steve's favourite pass-times.

He waved the thoughts aside mentally as he began to reminisce on his time on Earth with his brother and nephew. Stick to duty for now Stevie-boy. He smiled a little, pulling himself back to talking with his Executive Officer. "How're the plans coming along for the Gateway? Computer tells me the Tachyon emissions were inflcting some system's functionality?"

Tag: Connor me old chum
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
STARBASE THRINACIA, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
Commanding Officer's Office

Before Connor had a chance to reply, the doors to Steve's office had slid open, and Steve looked up from reading the PADD in his hands to look at the woman standing there.

Mara walked in with a silly judical wig and old judical robe, "Its ok people I made it. Now What case is this..." She looked down at the data padd in hand, "The Inflatable toy vs Admiral Steve Malloway. Hmmmmm How do you pleed Admiral." She smiled slightly hoping he wouldn't know how to take her. She had only recently transfered to this fleets judical branch but she had had plenty of experience.

Mara pulled off her wig and let her purple hair unfurl and drop to her shoulder of her uniform. She unbuttoned the robe and placed them on a chair to the side of the room, "Captain Shax of the USS Angels Flight reporting in Sir as ordered." She extended her hand to the CinC, "Pleasure to meet you."

Steve merely looked from Connor, to the officer now stood with them, down to her hand, and back up to her face as he then stood and walked around his desk. He stood there for a moment, one eyebrow slightly raised and his head angled down a little; his facial expression neutral for a moment as he took in the JAG Commander infront of him. He reached to his side, picking up the robe. "Captain..." He handed the robe to Shax, "I am currently in a meeting; in future I would appreciate your ringing my doorchime before barging into my office." He said sternly, clasping his hands behind his back as he took in a breathe. "Also, please do bear in mind that I am your superior officer and do not appreciate an entrance as you so lovingly gave us. Report back to me in an hour. Dismissed." He finished bluntly, his eyes remaining fixed on the female Commanding Officer, watching her turn and leave before moving back to address Connor.

Sorry Mara, in the middle of something with Connor - need to remember that the Fleet Commander's Office is like a Ready Room - you need to chime before you can enter. Will tag ya when Steve is free, JPing with Connor atm.
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
STARBASE THRINACIA, Merenion Nebulae Cluster
USS Thunderstorm dock
0700 hours

Melanie woke up from her bed in her room on the USS Thunderstorm. she had recently gotten command of the ship and yet get a crew which she is trying to do. she sat up in her bed and stretched her well built arms up groaning as she stretches her whole body. she gets out of bed and bends down touching her toes and then does some twists to loosen up. she then headed to the shower and stepped in. After a few minutes of showering and finally waking up, she gotten dressed in a clean uniform with the neck empty. She had gotten command of the ship and yet not a rank. She gotten to the replicator and ordered a coffee with cream and sugar and sat down at her computer and brought up her message from the night before. She hadn't been able to read them as she had worked a double shift getting things ready for the TF. She chuckled at a few of them from one of her friends who sends her jokes from time to time to brighten her day.

Diamond, Melanies one year old Alaskan Maltese dog  stretched as she yawned whining. she goes over to melanie and lays her head on hger lap. Melanie looks down and pets her head gently. "morning to you too Diamond.. i bet your hungry like me huh?" she said getting up and grabs Diamonds bowl and puts some food and water in it. Her computer then beeps of a message. Melanie goes over and presses a buttons and her screen come sup.

TO: United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet Commanding Officer
FROM: Malloway, S. Admiral, Fleet Commander
RE: Cermony and Debrief
LOCATION AND TIME OF DEBRIEF: Starbase 402 'Thrinacia', Conference Room Alpha, 1300 hours, Stardate 65784
LOCATION AND TIME OF CEREMONY: As above, @ 1900 hours, Main Gallery
DEBRIEF ATTENDEES: Commanding Officers, Executive Officers
CEREMONY ATTENDEES: All Officers and Crew
ATTIRE: Duty Uniform for Debrief, Dress Uniform for Ceremony

Melanie sat down and looked at it and  sighs gently. she nods drinking her coffee. "a
lways hated dress uniforms." she said with a chuckle. she got up and got some stuff together and headed out with her padd DIamond following her. Diamond always came along where ever she went when it was on a station or on her ship. unless in battle, then the dog stayed in the ready room. Melanie headed off to the Fleet commanders office and rings the chime straightening out her uniform.

TAG: all
USS Stallion of Darkness - Dock Junction

"This is it." One of the Security Officers of the Stallion said. The doors swooshed open revealing the reception floor. Malone walked onto the floor as the officers help carry his belongings.

'So this is Thrinacia.' He thought to himself. Watched as security members, officers, civilians and traders walk through the reception floor. Familes were meeting their loved ones, while the latter were wishing farewell. Security hauled a roudy civilian through the crowd and disappeared around a corner, while some who were off duty, were conversing amongst themselves. In another corner, he saw civilians aguring with some security personnel and officers, while others were conversing over normal circumstances.
What Malone saw, wasn't just people doing or going to their jobs. He saw the people that he was and everyone in the UFPDF were trained to protect, to serve, to love despite the differences they had that divided them...and the similarities that formed alliances with them.

"Where do you want these Sir?" He asked Malone. He turned to him, glancing at his padd.
"It'll be this way." He said, heading in a direction.

Starbase Thrinaica - Docking Port 5-A [0711 HOURS]

Malone stood as he looked out at the Excelsor Class Starship that sat infront of him. Through the large bar window wall, the Starship sat in dock, swarmed by worker bees and maintince arms, running their last double checks over the ship before service. This ship is one of the first Mk.IIIs at this time* and is expetant to excede expetations in the field. The name, stretched along side, through the windows on the haul: 'AGAMEMNON.'

"Agamemnon?" The Tactical officer said, reading the words.
"...Early Century Earth, Greek?" The other tactical officer said, taking a breather for a minute.

"Yes. It means, 'very resolute' in Greek." Malone said, turning to them.
"If I remember correctly according to Early Century Earth greek mythology, Agamemnon was the son of King Atreus of Mycenae and Queen Aerope and was also the brother of Menelaus and the husband of Clytemnestra. He was the king in some stories of the anicent famous greek cities of Mycenae or Argos." He said. He turned towards the window.
"Agamemnon was the commander of the Achaeans in the ensuing Trojan War. He was murdered however mysertously. The Oddessy, book wrote by Homer, upon his return from Troy he was said to be murdered by Aegisthus, the lover of his wife Clytemnestra, while another says he was murdered by the wife herself." He finished.

The tactical officer looked at him.
"So wait...your taking command of a vessel named after a commander that that don't even know if ether his wife or her cheating boyfriend  murdered him?" He asked.

An Ackward silence encroached the room.

"...It was ether that or the USS Percy." Malone said. The two Tact personnel shook their heads at him.

"The quarters are on the ship. Put them there." He said as he headed off in the direction of the fleet admiral's office.

*(The Execlsor Class Mk.IIIs were offically estabished in service the following year of our timeline)

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