Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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Fleet Opening Mission: To Our Future
Starbase Thrinacia
Bryan's Quarters
2232 hrs

Bryan now found himself back in his quarters picking up a PADD to start compiling the roster. Just before he started he decided to go and tell Ensign Williams he would be in charge for a while. Bryan left his quarters with the PADD in one hand and headed for the turbo lift "Computer locate Ensign Williams" he said *Ensign Williams is on the Command Deck* "Command Deck then" the doors slid shut and the lift began its short journey to the Command Deck.

Starbase Thrinacia
Command Deck
2235 hrs

Bryan saw the office almost immediately he was knelt down repairing a console. Bryan walked up to him, knelt down and said "Ensign, I have been temporarily transferred to the Braveheart to take up the position of Chief of Helm and Navigation. I'm not sure when I will be back so until I am you will be acting Chief. Good Luck." The other officer looked at Bryan and said "Understood sir and Good Luck as well" Bryan nodded and stood up straightened his uniform and left the Command Deck and headed for the Braveheart.

USS Braveheart
2243 hrs

Bryan ran down the corridors of the ship until he reached a turbo lift, once he was inside he ordered it to take him to the Bridge. A few moments later he arrived on the Bridge, he quickly stepped off the turbo lift and chose a door at random hoping it would be the correct one. Luckily when the door opened it revealed the conference room.

USS Braveheart
Conference Room
2245 hrs

Bryan noticed that the Captain, the first officer, and a few other officers were already there Great. I hate having to be part of the conference's especially when I have never met any of these people before he thought to himself as he slowly walked into the room "Sorry i'm late sir" he said before he even realised he was speaking. Bryan quickly took a seat on the left hand side of the Captain and waited for the rest of the officers to arrive.

TAG: Commander Blake, Commander Grax, OPEN
====Out of Character Quick Message - To all====

Alright, everyone. Due to the absence of several High Command Staff members, including Head of Fleets Commodore GWilkinson and Fleet Admiral Malloway, I'll be tempoarally assisting the position as Deupty Director of Fleet, with the remaining Staff Officers and Chief of Fleet Operations Paul Morgan.

I'll be starting a new post under the Fleet Mission for everyone to keep from being bored. lol

Crew of the Agamenmon:
Our current mission will be handled on these fourms, which will conincide with the Operation I have planned. For more on that, please look under the Annoucements.
OOC Message

Comodore WIilkinson is nt absent, she is right hear. I've been available thrrough E-mail and Skype at various times. As for people getting bored, they should be aboard their individual ships doing their own missions. If this is not the case I would like to know why??!!

Commodore Emma Wilkinson
Rear Admiral Emma Wilkinson
Chief of Staff
Starbase Thrinacia
USS Agamenmon
Deck 2 -Ensign Locker's Quarters
2300 HOURS 

"Chief Counsellors Log, what a long day it has been. I have been interviewing the crew today to get to know them. Only got through the command crew so far. Many of them are content onboard this ship. She has a great record, served in the Dominion War and survived, one of the last of her kind. She still has a couple years left till her expiry date. I suspect when she is decommissioned we will be transfered to a new class of ship. I hope something awesome.

Captain Malone has invited me to have breakfast with him in his quarters to discuss a new mission. I feel ready to take on anything." Des spoke into his PADD. Des looked out of his window at the Starbase and realised just how small the Agamenmon was in comparison.

"I guess I have to go to bed. An appointment with the captain is something I must not be late for."    

TAG: Malone

Most of the Braveheart crew are fleet command officers and missing.

(our post will be in the JP boards)

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