Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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New Fleet Mission is underway!
Finally our new Fleet Mission is up and on the go! A long time coming, but here goes so keep an eye on the Fleet Mission Forums and jump in where you can.

Do make sure to bear in mind the fact we have moved ahead to 2392 so by all means diversify your character's story in some way if possible. Ranks should remain the same (as should positions and assignments) unless previously agreed with Command Officers. If you're unsure, please get in touch with me.
The details as to where this is heading are deliberately being left hush hush for the time being, get your imaginations going on what it might be but you should be heading to the USS Eagle with your Commanding Officers where you can, as until we have more members we'll all be together on this - but yes, more will be revealed shortly!

Any new members joining us, drop me a message here or email me on and I will walk through with you on what to do.

At present we have only TWO ACTIVE SIMs - USS Majesty, and Starbase Thrinacia (though as you can see from my first Fleet Mission post, this is currently the USS Eagle...). No more ships will become available until we deem it necessary due to member counts, so watch out for announcements from Senior Fleet Command.

At present we still have the following as Senior Fleet Command:
Admiral Steve Malloway - Joint Fleet Commanding Officer
Admiral John Morgan - Joint Fleet Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral Draco Targus - Fleet Executive Officer
Rear Admiral Callum Jackson - Fleet Chief of Operations

As always,  my door is open to questions and whatnot! See you out there!

Kind Regards
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier

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