Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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Fleet Mission: "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
OOC: Note - 3 years have passed In-Character since our last In-Character communique before our rejig. Command Structure remains the same as the old, please see the Fleet Staff manifests for ranks and names and positions.
YOUR CHARACTERS - please do not adjust your ranks until you have discussed this with your Commanding Officers. At present the only ACTIVE SIMs are Starbase Thrinacia, and USS Majesty. If you were based on another Sim, contact the one you wish to transfer to asap. Any questions, message me!

Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
OOC: Note, this post is vague, yes. Please use your own discretion as to where your character is and how they are getting to the mentioned rendezvous. Ranks are as they were previously unless otherwise agreed by Senior Fleet, including assignments and positions. If you have any imminent questions, contact me – AND BE SURE TO REALISE NEARLY 4 YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE WE WERE LAST ACTIVE!
EARTHDATE: 2392, November 23rd
USS Eagle, Captain’s Ready Room
1335 hours

It had been a long time coming; this day. 2 years, or rather just a little over, doesn’t sound like a long time in the bigger scheme of things but you could ask anyone in Starfleet and they would tell you that war can alter your perception of time.
In late 2388 the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet had been commissioned, with its role primarily being the exploration through the Federation’s Iconian Gateway. Needless to say there were some who were unhappy with this latest venture. They had said with so much still unknown it came with too much untold power over the Quadrants and many believed it to be Starfleet’s first act towards becoming the ultimate power and declaring war on all. So the Cardassians acted. With the Romulan Star Empire gladly willing to help.
On March 25th 2390 the first onslaught against the Gateway and Starbase Thrinacia had begun, as if out of nowhere. There was no initial report from Intelligence to say any of this would happen. To say the least; it had been embarrassing for Starfleet. Thrinacia had been 8 months away from completion on her upgrade to an Immense Class station, and many of her systems were still offline which had made for an easy target. So in came the first fleet of Cardassians. The outer lying turrets were no match for the Cardassians without support, and they carried on straight for Thrinacia once these had been destroyed. The Starbase and what little support she had from only one small Federation Taskforce put up one hell of a fight – they held their own for nearly 3 hours before backup warped in. Along with evacuation craft.
Command knew there was no holding the system.
The Gateway had been their primary target, and was easily disabled. Next up came Thrinacia. Just as the SSRF’s base of operations was at the point of no return the Cardassians withdrew, followed by a small group of Federation vessels… into a Romulan trap. Not 6 lightyears away a large Armada of both Romulan and Cardassian ships were waiting, wiping out the Starfleet Squadron.
Thrinacia had been completely evacuated, all personnel and as much equipment as possible had been beamed aboard freighters and evacuation ships as quickly as transporters could handle. The damage to the base had been so high it was a danger if anyone were left behind. As for the Gateway Control Station, that was no better. Control over the Gateway had been maintained enough for Aurora Colony’s initial team to get back through and warp to safety – they were just a Science team, minimal weapons. And so the decision had been made to leave the system and regroup.
2 years. 2 years of skirmishes and battles, diplomacy and conferences amongst all major powers. No luck. Just battle after battle. Obviously the Cardassians felt they owed payback after the Dominion War, and you didn’t need to take more than one guess that the Romulan Star Empire were at a loss after the Hobus Incident and blamed the Federation for what had happened. Their alliance was a match made in heaven.
The SSRF was pulled straight into the fight. Her ships and personnel had held their own well during the Battle at Thrinacia, despite the retreat. As such, command had issued a restructuring. They needed seasoned commanders out in the field, ones they knew would serve better on bridges of starships than behind desks at Command. And so the USS Eagle was commissioned. A brand new class of ship that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers had originally blueprinted for production in several years time. State-of-the-art it was dubbed the ‘Presidio Tactical Command Battlecruiser’ and the where the SSRF would operate from primarily. Admirals Malloway and Morgan took command of her, with the rest of the Senior Fleet placed as and where needed throughout the SSRF Taskforces.
But despite this advance technologically…. 2 years takes a toll. Life was lost. Starships too. The damage was intense to the Federation.
Until now. Today was the day they struck back. Today was the day the Federation brought karma to the forefront.
“You’d think they’d Command would have authorised more assets for this.”
Admiral Malloway turned from the small mirror in the room just off of his Ready Room, looking back at his Strategic Operations Officer. “Hmm, a good point I suppose. But Command still isn’t 100% sure about this.”
“Sir, we all know we can pull this off. Command haven’t fully seen what’s going on here, we’ve all been there, seen it all.” The Lieutenant stood, straightening his jacket as he watched the Admiral place his pips back to his collar.
Steve nodded in appreciation, a glance to the window in his Ready Room showed the streaks of the ship in warp as they zipped on through space. “Thank you, Lieutenant. Admiral Morgan and my plan needs as many of the Fleet behind on this in order for us to pull it off. Volunteers only. Now, we should be arriving at the rendezvous point with the rest of the Fleet in approximately 30 minutes – make sure each CO and their teams beam aboard and get to the Conference Lounge.”
The Lieutenant nodded, turning on the spot and walking from the room back onto the bridge, leaving Steve alone as he looked out of the window again. He hadn’t been kidding when he’d pointed out the plan in question had risks, more so the others in the Fleet couldn’t even prepare as they’d been given no details as Steve and John hadn’t wanted to risk subspace eavesdropping.
But, now was the time to bite back. Now was the time to show they wouldn’t sit back any more.
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
USS Majesty
Main Bridge

Callum had spent the last hour or so staring at the streaks of light has they flew past, the warp drive seemed louder than normal, either through battle damage or his imagination from sitting in silence for so long.

"Admiral, the latest department reports" a young lieutenant announced holding a padd for Callum to take.  Having not noticed the officer walk up to him, upon their announcement he almost left his seat with the fright.

Taking the padd he thanked the lieutenant.  He examined the brief overview of the ship, despite the number of skirmishes the ship had been in over the past six months, she was holding together, decks 38 and down were still sketchy, running on emergency lighting and some sections without power altogether, but the ship was still very much in a working order.

The Majesty and her crew had been called to a rendezvous with the fleet, it'd been a while since Callum had spoken with his superiors face to face, even longer since he'd seen the fleet altogether, while looking forward to the chance of meeting up with the rest of the fleet admiralty, he was also concerned as to why they were meeting up.  Despite what some of the Majesty mission logs may suggest, Rear Admiral Jackson had grown very fond of his ship and was hoping to keep her in one piece, or two pieces if the need for a saucer separation occurred, for many years to come, one of the last times the Majesty fought alongside the fleet, she barely made it back and this time, she would be starting out in a much worse state.

"Maybe it's just a get together" he thought to himself as the ship continued to hurtle through space getting closer and closer to learning what may face them.

Callum stood up, straightening his pristine uniform as his yeoman greeted him "Coffee sir?" he asked offering a cup of steaming coffee, Callum sighed "That was my only chance to walk somewhere for the next hour" he said wearily back as he took the cup "Thank you" he added as he sat back down taking a sip.

Callum looked at this first officer "This job is hours of boredom with a few minutes of shear terror thrown in.  Do you know, I think I actually dislike it when things go right in Starfleet, we need something small, nothing big, just something to break the normal flow of sitting and waiting to arrive" he said to Commander Hurt, noting that the ship had now officially been at high warp for 4 days straight.

TAG: DJ Hurt, & Everyone Else

OOC: I'm glad we're back, looking forward to more posting in the next few days!
Just a quick note to any Majesty crew (I will be contacting you all directly at some point), the Majesty site suffered a PEBCAC (Problem Exists Between Computer & Chair) error, I forgot to renew the site and we lost all our data (backups I here to you scream....I reply with "yup" and move on quickly).  As a result you will need to register again, it's the same URL.
Commodore Callum Jackson,
Commanding Officer USS Majesty.
Fleet Chief of Operations
Taskforce 169 Commanding Officer
Nov 22, 2392
Tagn Prime
Tagn System
Klingon Empire

Admiral's personal log

It has been two years since Commander Targus and I have been active in Federation space. Following the Battle of Thrinacia we were assigned to asstist the Klingon high council in preparing for the return of Federation and her allies to the base and the gateway she protected. Sage is rteady to return to her assignment at the Aurora Colony and I am ready to settle in to a quiet....

Suddenly the door chimed

"Enter." replied Draco as he turned his chair to the door. 

Sage walked through followed by a Klingon Lt. 

" Ladies, " He smirked " what can I assit you with?"

"Admiral. we have just received word that the 'boys' are ready to to meet. Steve said its your turn to buy."

Draco laughed a bit and quickly darted his eyes to the Lt that had entered with Sage. " Lt, what do you make of this message?"

" A trap sir." he quickly replied " why would a flag officer risk sending an important message in such a manner?"

"Very good Lt. If it were any other officer sending this I would agree with you but the fact that Admiral Malloway said it is my turn to but is the key to this. he knows full well that i always buy. one of the perks of being in my position. " responded Draco as he turned back to Sage. 
"Commander, please prepare the fighters."

" Aye Sir." sage replied as she snapped to and turned on her heel to exit the room. Draco turned back to his display and opened a channel to the Klingon Commander in charge.

^To Commander Chung
^From Admiral Targus
^ Commander Targus and I will be leaving the system as soon as our fighters are prepped for flight. In my absence I am leabing you communication details For Admiral Moorehead of the 206th Tactical support group. if the need should arise he is under orders to respond with great haste.

Draco stood as he sent his message and straightened his uniform. walking around his desk he picked up a PADD and started to check on the progress of the Fleet. Steve wouldnt use such methods to sent work unless he felt that the fleet was compromised. 

JP Draco and Sage
USS Majesty
Main bridge
As he sat down in his chair next to the captions station DJ let out a ragged breath. It really has been a long time since he was on something bigger than the Majesty, not that it was that important his place was here and he knew that it was important.
He was lost in his thoughts when Callum started talking to him startling him back into the real world.
"This job is hours of boredom with a few minutes of shear terror thrown in.  Do you know, I think I acually dislike it when things go right in Starfleet we need something small, nothing big, just something to break the normal flow of sitting and waiting to arrive"
DJ mulled over his word carefully before he spoke back to the man he had come to respect so much in the past few months. "i'm not sure i agree with that train of thought sir. we have been doing so much to keep this ship in one pice lately and fighting so much that a few days not haveing to worry about anything attacking you in bed is a welcome break. Dj was waiting to see if he could sense what the caption was feeling but he added before the man could reply "Not that i don't mind fighting for what i belive in and the other people on this ship"
Lost in his own thoughts again DJ thought maybe he could walk down to the galley and find himself something that would keep him going.

Commander DJ Hurt
Executive Officer USS Majesty
USS Majesty
USS Majesty
Jefferies Tube Access, Deck 26
1340 hours

"Pass me the ODN recoupler, Samuels, would you please?" Michael called out from within the Jefferies Tube, sprawled out on his back as he looked up at the ceiling of the cramped space.

"Yes, Sir." Came the reply from the Engineering Officer, handing the tool as Michael reached out for it.

"I'd be glad for a break sooner or later." The Chief Engineer thought to himself, not from the job at hand but more in general. With the war having taken beatings to all starships and the like within Starfleet you can guarantee an Engineer's life was not made easier. Not that they were any worse off than any other officer, by any means, but the aftermath of battle was a pain in the proverbial behind to get things sorted and back on track. In the grand scheme of things the Majesty, at present, wasn't all that bad - they'd been in far worse conditions that was for sure. But as always she pulled through. For the age of the class the Galaxy was certainly a formidable starship, and the Majesty herself even more so. Michael was certainly proud of her.

"How's that looking?" He called out to his subordinate, pulling the recoupler away from the network of cables finally. Within moments the delicate and near silent hum was pulsing through the fibre-optics, and Michael allowed himself a small smile. One menial job down, several dozen more to go. "Well, at least hydroponics will be happy they can re-align their systems now and we can eat some proper vegetables soon," he jested to the Ensign as he climbed out from within the tube, "none of that replicated doo-dah."

"Agreed, Sir. Ah, and Main Engineering reports the warp intermix chamber is holding steady at 82% efficiency."

"Good, I'd rather the Admiral didn't bust us up again for losing warp power. Infact, that's gotta be the best its been at in a couple of weeks - make sure Lieutenant Hernandez and Ensign Re'plok keep an eye on the plasma input, I'd rather we kept on the up." Michael nodded his orders and the Ensign turned about and disappeared for the turbolift to Engineering.

Allowing himself a quick look down the corridor he noted how quiet the hallway was. Back before the war it was pleasant to have seen so many people walking to and fro, or even (occasionally) be interrupted by an inquisitor child as they stopped to admire a panel being repaired, a tool in use. No one knew when the war would be over, infact reports on the matters were sketchy at best during briefings, so knowing when civilians would be back onboard any starship was anyone's guess.

"Time to head to the Bridge, see about getting that Engineering station back online," Michael concluded, heading himself towards the turbolift, "Maybe even see if there is any more details about this rendezvous."

TAG: Anyone
[Image: mgregrez1.png]
Lieutenant Commander Michael Gregrez
(note: rank in image out of date, due to be amended)
Inroute to meet USS Eagle

It had been almost 18 hours since leaving Klingon space. The Gryphon Fighters were operating as was expected. Draco's fighter was showing less than a .022 micron loss in plasma transfer from the warp core at warp 7.5. 

Gryphon two to Gryphon lead, we are approaching the rendevous. Suggest dropping to impulse as to not spook the tactical officers of the fleet. 

Agreed Gryphon two. Drop to full impulse on my mark. 3,2, Mark.

Both fighters dropped to full impulse and approached the waiting ship. 

Sage opened a channel to the USS Eagle

Gryphon escort to USS Eagle, request permission to approach and land in an avaliable shuttle bay.

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Profile for Frogman205
USS Osprey
14.00 Hrs
On route to Rendezvous

Emma stepped into the shower and turned it on, almost scolding water running over her as she sighed. As she felt her muscles relax under the heat she turned to wet her hair and just relax for a moment. She was finally on her way back...back to where all this started, and hopefully to take back the colony that she had put so much hard work into setting up, BACK! It was on thing to loose a battle, but to be pulled out of harms way didn't sit well with Emma.

Stepping out and wrapping a towel round herself, Emma sauntered back into the main room and got dressed back into her uniform and pinned her hair back out the way. Stepping over to the replicator she ordered her normal coffee before stepping in front of the window. Simply watching the lights as they flew through warp always relaxed her, and she sighed again. She was hoping that there would be some action. Since having to abandon Aurora colony, Emma had been pulled in several directions by starfleet command, a skirmish here, a skirmish there, but all she really wanted was to push the bastards back and reclaim what was theirs.

Having gotten word from Malloway, Emma finally believed that they were setting out to do something about all the crap that had gone down over the past few years. Maybe they were finally going to give back what they got rather than continuing the diplomatic direction that so obviously hadn't been working. All she could hope was that she would see some action rather than sitting through endless meeting that she had been doing recently and had had quite enough of. She was bored, stiff, and fed up.

Finishing her coffee, Emma shook herself out, tugged on her uniform, brushed a bit of lint off her shoulder and headed for the door. She needed to move, she couldn't just sit still anymore. A walk round the ship would do her good till they finally reached their destination which wouldn't take too much longer. Nodding to those wondering around the corridors fixing this and that, Emma was pleased to notice the ship was gradually recovering from the latest encounter, and would be battle ready once more soon enough. With that thought in mind, Emma made her way to the bridge to find Jemma Grax and get an actual report on progress.

Tag All.
Rear Admiral Emma Wilkinson
Chief of Staff
Starbase Thrinacia
USS Eagle, located at rendezvous
Main Bridge
1405 hours

It had been a while since the SSRF had been together in such great numbers since the War began. Infact, Steve couldn't recall when it was there were more then 4 starships together on one of the many assignments that Command had sent their way and it would make for a welcome change as far as the Admiral was concerned. For too long the Federation had had to watch their backs, keep an eye on all sectors of space - what with the Romulans processing their cloaking technology (which far surpassed the Klingon understanding as of late), and the Cardassians being sneaky sly little so-and-so's it left a lot of people on edge.

"With so many of us in one place it should be a show of force." Steve muttered to himself as he sat back into the command chair on the Bridge, looking up at the viewscreen. If it wasn't the window in his Ready Room or somewhere else on the ship, it was the damn viewscreen he was watching the streaks of light or general expanse of space. His daughter had once said it was obviously his way of keeping his own concentration... some technical term for it she'd used, but alas Steve obviously hadn't been concentrating enough at the time to recall said expression...

"What was that, Sir?"

"Hmm?" Steve looked up and across to the Ensign manning the Tactical station. "Oh, nothing Ensign. As you were." "And just when did Junior Officers feel they could start up like that without a superior addressing them in the first place?" He shook his head a little, batting aside the thought from his mind. The War was obviously taking it's toll if something like that was getting to the Admiral suddenly.

"Admiral, I'm picking up a group of Federation Fighters approaching."

Steve stood as the viewscreen flicked suddenly to show the group of Gryphon Fighters and allowed himself a small smile.

Gryphon escort to USS Eagle, request permission to approach and land in an available shuttlebay.

"Comms, have them land in Shuttlebay 4 - it's been readied for their arrival and their sole use for the duration," Steve called out to the Lieutenant at the Communications station, "and inform both Admiral Targus and Commander Targus I'll meet them down there. Commander, you have the bridge."

With that, Steve was at the turbolift, calling out direction to meet up with his Fleet XO and his Fighter Group.

TAG: DRACO, et al
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier
1405 hours
Approaching USS Eagle

=^= Gryphin escort you are cleared for shuttlebay 4 Security proticals have been set to Gryphon lead. =^=

=^=Recieved and understood. =^= Sage replied as she dropped back to allow  the elder Targus to take the lead on approach.

As she cleared the channel she flipped to the comm link that was set between the two fighters

" Seems the Admiral has us all set up"
"Aye, Las it does. " retorted Draco as a smirk crossed his face.

=^ = Shuttle bay 4, Gryphon lead we are in final ten seconds out to clear the security shielding.=^=

=^=Gryphon lead, Suttle bay 4. we are dropping the security shielding. procede at current course and speed. prepare to land in  area One-Aplha and One-Bravo.=^=

=^=Shuttle bay 4, Gryphon lead. Understood, we are entering the bay. settling down in ares One Alpha and Bravo=^=

and with that the two fighters found their marks and landed. Draco and Sage powered down and cleared their canopies to find Admiral Malloway approaching them.

Draco appraoch him and extended his hand in greeting.
"Admiral, premission to come aboard?"

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