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Earths Elite


Earth's Elite first opened her virtual doors back in August 2013, August the 6th to be precise. EE's official launch date wasn't for another 3 months, with the official release being November 21st 2013.

When first opened, EE was primarily a Star Trek based gaming community, supporting only RPG-X, STVEF - Holomatch, STO, & Creative Writing. Since the launch, EE has grown to support numerous other games, Trek & Non-Trek alike. Today, Earth's Elite officially supports 5 different gaming division - Star Trek Online, RPG-X, Ace of Spades, Flight Simulator, & Garry's Mod. Earth's Elite officially dropped the Creative Writing side of things when they partnered up with The 14th Fleet (Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet) on the 14th of February 2015.