Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet


This Taskforce is currently unavailable - please proceed to Taskforce 169 - The Olympians.

We are a Special Operations Taskforce specializing primarly in the field of Counter-Terrorism and Espionage. We undertake missions that lay as either an impossiblity or non-existant to the Commands of the United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet. There is a wide range of threats against the inhabitants of the Federation and we will always have a hand in the bowl when push comes to shove. Under, over and in the cloak of stars we take the challenge to protect the Territory of the Federation by not just being the first ones on the frontlines; but being the reason why so many plots against us and our citizens fail.We are the Shadow of the Federation...we are the Oracles.


Taskforce Commanding OfficerTaskforce 354 - The Oracles