Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

History of the Fleet

On the 9th of June 2006 the original United Federation of Planets Defense Fleet, as she was, opened her forums for the first time. At the reins sat Fleet Admiral Donald McGriff who held the position of Commander-in-Chief, with Admiral Antonia Kerchev and Admiral Paul Brown in the Deputies' chairs as Vice-Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Fleet Operations respectively. At the start the organisation flourished with numerous ships opening up, making Simming homes for more than 60 members. The first Fleet Mission was the longest to have played through during McGriff's entire simming career; reaching an astounding 78 pages and over 1100 posts - an average of 20 posts per officer taking part. Sadly, the Christmas period of that same year hit the UFPDF hard, having the majority of members' posting diminish due to the holidaying season. This posting activity didn't recover enough right through to Easter when Fleet Admiral McGriff made the decision to close and undergo a revamp in order to improve the services available to the members.

            Later in 2007, October to be precise, after a complete overhaul of the facilities the United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet, as she was now renamed, once again opened her forums for Trek simmers. For the second time around Fleet Admiral McGriff held the centre chair as Commander-in-Chief, with Admiral Leisha Davis and Admiral Paul Brown holding the roles of Vice-Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Fleet Operations respectively. With an In-Character addition of an Iconian Gateway, modified to incorporate Starfleet technology to control it, member counts once again increased, but not to the numbers of her first opening. Unlike the first UFPDF, which had nothing but a small homepage and forum, the newer version had many more improvements. A simple Personnel Bios system was in place, along with permanent Rules and Regulations, a Guidebook for Commanding Officers, and a more in-depth Command School and Starfleet Academy program were running. Yet still the UFPDF was a tainted organisation. With her past failing, many members had joined sites where systems such as these were already in place, and found it easier to integrate into their communities rather than re-join the UFPDF. Not only this but organisations who had seen UFPDF grow before were also in the position to coerce players away from the UFPDF; assuring them that nothing would have changed. And so the members believed them. In February 2008, once again, the UFPDF was closed. At the time the decision was indefinite.

            During June 2008 McGriff and Brown, having been friends for many years in the real world, holidayed abroad with several other friends and made the decision to try once more for the United Federation of Planets Defence Fleet. From this point, the organisation was put back on the drawing boards. An entire new homepage interface was designed; with renewed Rules and Regulations, improved images and handbooks and guides, better systems for the Personnel Bios and even a source for Commanding Officers to have websites provided for them. It took nearly 2 years of revamping, but in January 2010 UFPDF was reopened once more. Through the struggles that come with running a simming community the Fleet continued on, regardless of member counts or posting activity in order to strive to provide what was needed to make the organisation better still.

            In August 2013 when the domain and hoster came up for renewal the decision was then made to change their providers, and as such a new name and image came with the Fleet; the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet, otherwise known as the 14th Fleet. All facilities were kept and the organisation is, still to this day, continuing to be revamped behind the scenes; taking into account the needs of its members to better what can be made available to them, and continuing to strive on its on-going mission... To keep Star Trek creative writing alive, to seek out new members and allied fleets, and to boldly unite all Trek fans in any way possible. These are the stories of the Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet; will you help us to keep writing them?