Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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Fleet Mission: "What Goes Around, Comes Around"
EARTHDATE: 2392, November 23rd

USS Eagle, Mess hall
13:55 hours

John, sitting by him self with a bowl of goulash in front of him and a pile of Padds to his left.
A spoon in one hand and a Padd in the other, staring intensely at the Padd at hand, slowly forking the contents of his bowl, a spoon at a time. His old, grizzled face, full of concentration as his eyes methodically inspected the contents shown on the device that he was holding.

The Padds in question contained the latest status reports from all ships in this operation. They all have been waiting 2 years for this operation to take place. What happened to Thrinacia and the gate was an embarrassment to say the least. Everyone who worked on the Gate project saw all their hard work taken away from them by those who would take arms up against the Federation. The Cardassians and Romulans did well to keep us from using the gate in our quest of exploration.

Like everyone else, John wanted this operation to take back Thrinacia and the gate to be a success. He wanted to commit to memory the operational state and progression of state of each ship to memory. Knowing yourself is half of the battle, and thus he wants to ensure he knows what ships he has, their capabilities, capacities and states before heading into this conflict.

John placed another spoon into his mouth, only just noticing that it was cold. At which moment, he glanced at the other Padds he had waiting to be reviewed. The other Padds have a number of different intelligence reports of the sector they are in. Knowing your enemy is the second half of the battle.

“A battle is won before it’s ever fought”, as Sun Tzu once put it. Our preparations for this battle have been thorough. However, the Romulans and Cardassians are not easy opponents to know, for their abilities in intelligence and information warfare are certainly not to be underestimated. This was the only thing in John’s mind that he saw they will never fully know, and are likely to be the cause of many casualties that lay ahead.

Interrupting John’s thoughts on their preparedness, his combadge chirped. Tapping to acknowledge the communication.

=^= Admiral, a group of fighters are coming into land in shuttlebay 4 and Admiral Malloway has requested for your presence=^= the voice from the commbadge stated.

=^= Ah, they have arrived have they? Thank you Lieutenant, I will be on my way then. =^= Morgan replied.

Morgan tapped his commbadge again, and picked up the remnant of his meal in his right hand and the Padds with his left hand. Making his way to the replicator to recycle his meal, departing the mess hall for shuttlebay 4

USS Eagle, Shuttle bay 4
14:06 hours

John entered the shuttle bay with the pile of padds in hand to see the fighters docking and Admiral Steve Malloway awaiting.

As John approached, one of the pilots from the lead fighter approached Malloway, and extending his hand for a handshake, saying "Admiral, permission to come aboard?"

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Admiral John 'Spiced' Morgan
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet
Commanding USS Elimination

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USS Majesty
Main Bridge
14:01 HRS

Callum was reviewing the latest repair report. Gregrez had done some fantastic work getting Majesty back to an operational state after their run in with a group of stray gravimetric mines during a routine cleanup operation inspection.

The Majesty dropped at their rendezvous site, the view screen set to the standard forward view showed most of the fleet already assembled.

"Sir, a message from the Eagle" reported an officer on Jacksons left "Admiral Malloways orders, he'd like you to report to the conference lounge aboard the Eagle" they continued

"Thank you" Callum replied "Helm, move us to within transport range then hold position with the fleet" he continued looking over at the Helm officer.

The hum of the Impulse engines increased as the Majesty was propelled forward towards the fleet. Everyone had apeared to form up around the Eagle, some ships looked like they'd just rolled off the production line, others not so much, but Callum knew that each crew was more than capable of bringing the best out of the ships they had been assigned.

"Commander Hurt, round up the senior staff and have them report to transporter room two" he ordered after switching his gaze to his first officer, before DJ could reply Callum turned to look at his COMMS Officer "please inform the Eagle we'll be ready for transport in 5 minutes" he concluded before standing up, straightening his uniform.

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Commodore Callum Jackson,
Commanding Officer USS Majesty.
Fleet Chief of Operations
Taskforce 169 Commanding Officer
Shuttlebay 4
1406 hours

The doors to the Shuttlebay hissed open quietly as the Admiral walked towards them, permitting him entry to the bustle, albeit organised bustle, of the deck. It was a pleasant sight to see some sort of organised to-ing and fro-ing as opposed to the repair work in most place of most vessels within the Fleet.

As he made his way across the deck he watched as the fighter squadron under Admiral Targus entered the Shuttlebay, the familiar fizz of the forcefield meeting Steve's ears as the shielding allowed a smooth and unbroken flight into the pressurised bay. As he watched the Admiral and his people set down, Steve felt a wave mixed with that of pride, awe, and determination course through him for a moment and he couldnt help but allow himself a small smile. This was it, this was what he had been waiting for - for his people to finally get together and push on, show the Cardassians and Romulans they were a force to be reckoned with.

"Admiral, permission to come aboard?"

Taking Draco's offered hand as he spoke up, he shook it and nodded. "My friend, most certainly." Steve answered, releasing the Admiral's hand as John joined them, on his heels a Lieutenant with a PADD.

Excusing himself for a moment to allow John and Draco to greet one another, Steve approached the Lieutenant who handed him a PADD.

"Sir, the USS Majesty and USS Osprey have just arrived, and Commodore Jackson's party will be over shortly."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Have refreshments on-hand in the conference lounge, please. Myself, the Admirals, and our details will be there momentarily." Steve instructed the Lieutenant, who nodded, saluted and turned to carry out his duties as instructed. The Admiral watched them leave before he turned back to John and Draco, waiting for a break in their discussion to interject. "Gentlemen, lets get this show on the road, shall we? We have much to do."

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Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier

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