Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

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Removal of JAG Department Roles

With immediate effect, the JAG Department is hereby an unstaffed facility
within SSRF.
Rules, Regulations, Disclaimers etc are still a prudent part to the Fleet
and will remain within the JAG pages of the website, but there will be no
Head of JAG or Defenders for members etc. The ruling last night, during a
meeting of the Senior Fleet Command Team, is to have any JAG issues
presented directly to those of us within the Senior. With 5 of us on this
'council' it has been deemed feasible that there will never be a stalemate
in any issues/investigations etc. A policy will be created to explain how
things will work without specifically appointed personnel to roles that
were previously advertised, and issued in due course.

Any queries in the meantime, please contact one of the Senior Fleet
Command Team directly.

Kind Regards
Adm. M
Admiral Steve Malloway
Commanding Officer, USS Eagle
Joint Fleet Commanding Officer, Starfleet Strategic Response Fleet

Training and Personnel Developments Director, and Internal Verifier

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